About Be Mindful Now CIC  

Be Mindful Now CIC focuses on three main areas: 
Coaching & Mentoring: to help managers who are experiencing difficulty - whether from work-based pressure, or from some outside life event - to regain equilibrium and reset. 
Courses for Team: For employers and employees alike, our range of Team Based Training creates a positive working environment with fewer sick days, happier staff, and a more engaged workforce. 
Building Compassionate Cultures: Provides a dynamic model of compassionate leadership and creating compassionate cultures in the health and social care sector. Our focus is extending the awareness that starts with the self to others, the team and the culture we work in. 
Whatever your objective, our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to support you in making Compassionate Mindfulness work for you. 

Gaynor Quilter 

Gaynor has been a senior manager in the social care sector for over 30 years. Working as CEO for Alone in London and Apex works. She has held national Governance roles and co- founded and was independent Chair of Reaching People Consortia. She has a degree in Peace Studies and is a qualified mediator and coach. She began her mindfulness and compassion journey over 18 years ago.  
When not working Gaynor will be gardening or going to support LCFC with her family. 

Clare Culpin 

Clare is an established and successful executive director with experience of working across a broad portfolio. She has extensive knowledge and expertise as a senior registered nurse which enables her to engage clinically with credibility and underpins a patient focus when working at board and strategic level.she is a compassionate leader, role model and mentor. She has a passion for bringing teams together to work effectively on improving services, building resilience and meeting patient care needs.  
When not working she spends time with her Dad on his allotment. 

Suryacitta Malcom Smith 

Suryacitta is one of the most experienced Mindfulness teachers in the UK. He started practising in 1989. He is the author of 5 books on Mindfulness, compassion and happiness. He is know as the "teachers, teachers". His down to earth approach, means he uses lots of metaphors and humour and makes the teaching simple and practical. He runs longer retreats across the world and is an intuitive coach. 
When not working Suryacitta will be grwoing Vegtables or walking Bankei.  



Martin Dennis 

Suryacitta started to teach me about meditation in 2009. It would have been wonderful to have started years ago! I have found that mindfulness and compassion can produce remarkable benefits.  
I have now retired from my job as a Surgeon and spend time teaching mindfulness and compassion meditation in a variety of setting.  

Mark Radford 

Mark is an engagement and culture advisor and consultant. After a successful leadership career in banking, with a particular interest in customer focused services Mark made the transition to healthcare. He has led on culture and engagement to support merger, integration, and transformation.  
When not working you can be sure that Mark will be off taking photographs of the beautiful landscapes on offer across the UK. 

Leanne McLean 

Leanne is a leadership advisor and consultant. 
She is an experienced clinical healthcare leader and coach. She has a reputation for being a compassionate and engaging leader, and through her commitment to reflection and mindfulness practice she has been able to lead teams through rapid change and transformation. 
When not working Leanne can be found in her creative cabin making something beautiful. 

Marnie Ashton 

Marnie has worked with children and young people and their families as an educational psychologist in private practice since 2003. She trained with Suryacitta in 2016. 
She created Imagine Inclusion to promote emotional well-being, inclusion using the creative arts. She runs creativity workshops with Gaynor to build life skills for improved mental health. 

Kendra Gilbert 

Kendra is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist. She has worked for the last 20 years in the NHS, charitable sector, in private practice and as a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Counselling Psychology.  
She trained with Suryacitta and has been actively practising meditation for 6 years. 


In every moment Bankei just is. He teaches us to be in our senses. He is playful but knows when to rest. In spite of being blind his beautiful blue eyes are always shining. He brings those who meet him the gift of contentment. As long as you have thrown the ball for him enough times! 
"My key takeaway is the empashis on simplicity and inquiry. Its been a great sharing place for me- to be. I have learnt and adapted and just been myself. Thank you. 
Roger, Director, Avanta  
"The silence helped me turn inward and watch the thoughts and my attachment to my own stories. The teaching was powerful and enlightening.  
Priscilla, CEO, International School Guatemala  
"Some challenge, that is what I needed. Wonderful environment ad safe space. There is always something "new" and its always "the same". Love that paradox!  
Peter T, GP Newcastle  
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Be Mindful Now CIC Vision and Values 

Our mission: Is to improve the health and well-being of participants on our courses, retreats, workshops and programs. This is achieved through greater self-awareness, broader emotional resilience, acknowledged changes in relationships and an increase in compassion for themselves and other. 
Our vision: Is that participants understand mindfulness and compassion and develop a personal practice that will benefit them, their family, friends, work colleagues and the wider world in which they live, work and contribute. 
The Values and the behaviours that support participants to be more present and to be their vision of a mindful and compassionate life, enables the transformation to happen . 
Kindness and Compassion: Being as non-judgmental as we can and learning to live in the present moment. 
Curiosity: Encouraging participants to notice and be interested in their own experience in the here and now. 
Self-Awareness: Encouraging participants to be aware of their own drivers and habits, other people and the world around them. 
Simplicity: We keep the teaching and practice simple, leading to understanding and personal transformation. 
Transformation: Participants have a vision of how their life can be. The transformation comes in the commitment to maintaining a practice. Ideally daily. 
Open to all: We believe that mindfulness should be open to all who wish to practice. We don’t ask lots of questions, we respect that participants have their own vision of how learning to practice mindfulness and compassion will support them. By doing it this way we find that participants remain in control and all our many differences are respected, rather than judgments made. Whatever arises in the mindfulness space is boundaried. 

Suryacitta Malcolm Smith, is one of the most experienced mindfulness teachers in the UK, starting his practice in 1989. He is the author of five books that are available for purchase below. 

A Mindful Life | Suryacitta | The Happy Buddha
A Mindful Life 
Happiness and How it Happens | Suryacitta | The Happy Buddha
Happiness and How it Happens 
Mindfulness and Compassion | Suryacitta | The Happy Buddha
Mindfulness and Compassion 
The Happiness & Contentment Handbook | Suryacitta | The Happy Buddha
The Happiness & Contentment Workbook 
A Mindfulness Teacher's Handbook | Suryacitta | The Happy Buddha
A Mindfulness Teacher's Handbook  
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